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Great Place to Livesubmitted by Thomas S. - |Recommended: YesI love living at Kimbrough. The office staff is friendly and helpful. The maintenance guy has been here for years and treats the community as he does his home. My neighbors are friendly and they watch out for each other. Parking is limited but you have alternatives. I would definitely recommend Kimbrough to my friends and family.
response from property -Thank you for your review. We value and appreciate all of our residents.
Couldn't have asked for a better place to live...submitted by Catalina R. - |Recommended: YesI've LOVED living in Kimbrough and am sad to go. What drew me at first was the location. Then...Patsy She is such a kind and helpful person. This was my first time living in a strange city by myself out of college but my mom was at peace once we got to sit and talk with Patsy. She is warm and though I didn't bother her for much, I know she would help me whenever I needed it. I loved my space. It was huge, had a view of Union going East and so much natural light. With the building being as old as it is, it has so much character. At the end of everyday, I couldn't wait to be back in my cozy home. And the water pressure is great which surprised me. It gets really hot. As mentioned, the building is old so it has its issues but that's just the reality of it. Roland is the maintenance man for the building and though he is old, he gets the job done Countless times, I've been locked out of my apartment and have been able to call him when he's off the clock and home trying to relax and he's never hesitated to drive all the way back and let me in. The gym is awesome-- had everything I needed, was always clean, and has a nice view of the outside patio. Laundry machines were never hard to come by except maybe once and it was poor planning on my part. The only thing that took some adjusting to was the heating and A C system. It gets turned off and on as a building so when it started getting cold and I wanted heat immediately, I needed to wait a few weeks until the building decided to turn the heat on. Same for when it got hot again. But once they're on, they work great. I'm sad to go but if the road I'm on ever leads me back to Memphis, I'm coming back to Kimbrough for sure.
response from property -Thank you so much for your review! We are sad that you have to leave but trust that you will be missed. It's always a pleasure to know we have done a good job of making someone's stay pleasant, just as it is disheartening to lose such a good tenant. If ever you return to Memphis, Kimbrough will be here waiting on you. Take care of yourself!
Great place to livesubmitted by Godfrey H. - |Recommended: YesLocate,
response from property -Thank you for the review! We are happy to know that you are enjoying your stay at Kimbrough Towers. Thanks, Kimbrough Team
Great property but could use some updates and maintenance submitted by Jessica C. - |Recommended: YesI love living here. The community is friendly, the staff is open and kind, and its affordable living in the midtown area with minimal upkeep for tenants. My concerns however is that the owners are not completing updates in a timely fashion. I originally moved in because there was gym access and a working laundry facility. About a year ago, promises were made for a new gym facility as well as roof access. The repairs however are at a stand still. Makes the building look tacky and has caused me to lose faith in the manager over the building. I also dislike the hot summers and cold winters here. I only have access to one window unit during the summer, which does not allow a lot of air flow to the bedrooms during those hot nights. Makes it hard to sleep. And in the winter, i have to wait for the boilers to be lit before i can get heat in the apartment. No matter how many times i call maintenance, I cannot control the heating levels in my apartment. Many weeks during the winter, i have to keep the a c on because the temp can rise to 90 degrees i wish there was central heat and air or someway the staff could provide more assistance with comfort, but to no avail thus far. Otherwise, its a decent building.
response from property -Thank you for your review!
Solid midtown apartmentssubmitted by Daniel M. - |Recommended: YesNot the best but way more not the worst. Parking is definitely not the best situation - especially if you ever have a guest over. The location is spectacular for the midtown area, and the people who live here have all been extremely courteous and friendly. The management is friendly and helpful if you're a decent human being. I've always had a positive experience working with them.
response from property -Thank you for your feedback, we enjoy having you as a resident.
I like Daniellesubmitted by Frank H. - |Recommended: YesDanielle Featherstone is my soul mate
response from property -Thanks for reviewing Kimbrough!
Happy at the Kimbroughsubmitted by Anne D. - |Recommended: YesThe Kimbrough is a great older high-rise that offers security, outstanding views and a convenient location. I've been here for nearly four years and love my apt. The best thing is the huge windows which open , and I also like the parquet floors. The staff is friendly and willing to work with me, and the rent is competitive. Is it perfect No. Is any apartment perfect No. This is one of the best I've lived in.
response from property -Thank you for your feedback. I am happy to hear that your experience with Kimbrough has met up to your expectations.
Kimbrough towers submitted by Shannon E. - |Recommended: YesI love it here but I can hear the people above me. They are always playing their drums and stomping around
response from property -Thanks for continuing to make Kimbrough your home.
Encouraging, Excited about Improvements submitted by Vincent G. - |Recommended: YesIts a great place to live
response from property -Thanks Vincent! We enjoy having you as a Kimbrough resident.
6 month Reviewsubmitted by Susan W. - |Recommended: Yesso far Ive not regretted deciding to rent here. I have felt safe so far....we have Imperial patrol that comes for a check in late in the evenings if we have concerns ..suppose to call them.The heating air conditioning have been good considering all the windows. No pests. Management staff are Exceptional. A really cool mix of people living here.They are making upgrades with the workout room.Roof Deck and I believe the laundry room also soon. My only negatives are I would like upgrades to the kitchen bathroom I wish it was a NO smoking building..occasionally someone is smoking and it comes through the air vents...not cool
response from property -Thank you for choosing Kimbrough Towers as your home.
Concerns with Building Upkeep and Indifference to Resident Concernssubmitted by Rebecca A. - |Recommended: NoWhile there are many things I love about this building location, space, hardwood flooring , there are many things that will keep me from recommending this building to others. My biggest concerns are the maintenance of the building's common spaces such as the entry ways and the visible stains in the carpet, roaches in the entryway, smells in the common spaces and the lack of attention to requests for making the space healthy and livable for all residents. There was next to no effort in helping to rectify the request for the issue of smoke funneling from the neighboring apartment into mine, and from what I can tell not even a request to the neighbor to stop smoking indoors. The suggestion to buy an air purifier which starts at around 500 , was insulting, especially since it doesn't eliminate the effects of second hand, unfiltered smoke on the lungs. The lack of response to my final email, or any further suggestions i.e. how to cover the vents, other options to STOP the smoke , made me feel neglected in my concerns for the health of my daughter and myself. I found it not only to be problematic, but also quite rude. I am still open to options that may be available to rectify this situation, as I would like to continue living in this building and recommend it to others if possible.
response from property -We greatly appreciate your honest feedback. We welcome all comments, which we feel will only help our team to work on what is needed to improve the overall satisfaction of our residents. I noticed that you have issues that concerns you in the apartment. Please feel free to call the office and speak with the manager to help resolve the issues at hand. Again, thank you for your feedback.
Kimbrough Towerssubmitted by Halle G. - |Recommended: YesComfortable but a bit dated
response from property -Thanks for the response Halle!